ecause babies’ skin is extremely sensitive and fragile, they need gentle, calming products, which soothe irritation and wrap their skin in a cocoon of well-being.

In order to be gentle on baby’s sensitive skin, the Swiss Baby line draws its comfort and efficacy from plants.

Made in switzerland




Edelweiss -a concentrate of benefits contributes to our baby care line. This Alpine plant which survives in extreme climate at the high altitude has developed as unequalled active agents in terms of protection and care of the epidermis. We combined Edelweiss with other natural wonders, calendula, camomile, shea or sweet almond oil for their soothing and softening properties.

This natural skin care line tested under dermatological supervision and is free from allergens and free from chemical fragrances and artificial colourings. Paraben free. Certified the highest standard by Ecocertand labeled Cosmebio. the Swiss Baby Care products ideally respond to the needs of sensitive baby skin.